Clinical Hypnotherapy

Vanessa Besnon Dip.Adv.Hyp

About Hypnosis 


Hypnosis is a therapy that assists the mind to change. 

"Will changing a thought process or habit, enable you to have, what you don't  already have in your life right now?".. Yes!...

Did you know?...You actually go into hypnosis naturally, a few times a day. 

Can you recall while driving a car, going from one destination to another and not remembering parts of the drive, or what route you actually took to arrive safely?. "Yes", well there is no need to be alarmed, if there was a situation  for you to act quickly, all your sensors would react? This is what we call 'highway hypnosis'. 

Or how about when someone calls your name and you 'jolt' with a thought of 'Oh, yes that's me'. This is called the 'daydream' state.

Every night when you fall to sleep, the first sleep state you naturally drift into is 'Alpha'.


These are all examples of the 'Hypnotic State'. 

Hypnotherapy enables you to free your mind for change, allowing you to reach your goals for a higher quality of life. Hypnotherapy encourages the enjoyment of the journey of change, to achieve greater results of success.

If you are interested or are completely ready for change, then I already beleive, we will enjoy working together. 

If you are unsure if this therapy is right for you please contact me and we can discuss it in detail. You'll find a list of the catagories in the Catagories Tab.